Member Spotlight: San Diego Youth Orchestra

San Diego Youth Orchestra Event Venue - San Diego - youth symphony and band trainingSan Diego Youth Orchestra presents NYO New Youth Orchestra San Diego – “Youth Orchestra Training At Its Best”

San Diego’s finest teaching orchestra and band organization is comprised of families who want to provide their children with the highest level of ensemble training.

This world class youth music training institution has created exciting ensembles where young musicians can meet new friends and collaborate with like-minded performers. Our goal is to introduce orchestra and band members to a wide range of new contemporary music as well as the great standard repertoire. This approach keeps bi-annual concert programs fresh and interesting. We’re all about new ensembles, new friends and new exciting music. What can be better?

San Diego Youth Orchestra Auditions: Mid-season, early and regular season auditions for new and returning members“[NYO is] a unique and special organization for young musicians. The quality of instruction is excellent and it is easy to see that every one of the principal staff, as well as each specialist, cares deeply for the the kids and their development as world-class players. The rehearsals are intensive and enjoyable learning experiences for each of the orchestra members. Finally, the sound of each of the orchestras (divided by levels), as evidenced at their semi-annual concerts, is beyond what you would ever expect from ensembles composed of such young musicians.”

– NYO Member Parent, Steve Rosenbaum

NYO New Youth Orchestra Music Training Program was founded in 2012 by the Ramirez brothers, Mario Ramirez, John Ramirez, and Miguel Ramirez who are accomplished musicians. Backed by a 90-year family music teaching and performing tradition, the Ramirez brothers remain an important part of the direction of the NYO program and the SDYO organization.

“My daughter loves to play with this organization and I am so happy we are members!”

– NYO Member Parent

San Diego Youth Orchestra Program: Bello, Ottimo, Cresente, InizioNYO New Youth Orchestra Music Training Program includes:

  • 4 Orchestras
  • 2 Wind Ensembles
  • Chamber Music Program
  • Music Studies Program (Theory/Skills/History)
  • Multi-Level Solo Competition
  • Winter & Spring Orchestra & Band Concert Events
  • Winter & Spring Chamber Concert Events
  • Multi-Level Solo Competition
  • Summer Camp and Community Outreach Program

San Diego Youth Orchestra Events: Concerts, Auditions, Solo Competitions, Open RehearsalsWe accept serious and talented young musician into our program. San Diego County young string and wind performers are invited to complete our online application and participate in our auditions held in January, June and August.

San Diego Youth Orchestra LLC offices and the NYO New Youth Orchestra Program rehearsal space are both located at the San Diego Youth Performing Arts Center at 10855 Sorrento Valley Road, San Diego, CA. 92121.

For more information, please contact Mario Ramirez, owner of San Diego Youth Orchestra LLC.
Phone: 617-680-6234, Email:

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