We’re fighting to make San Diego the most business-friendly region in California.

Driving San Diego Business

The San Diego Regional Chamber of Commerce is the hub for connections and collaboration for the business community, and fights for its members and all the region’s businesses by supporting pro-business policies and candidates.


The Chamber leverages the political clout of the business community to enact business-friendly policies that support the region’s economic growth and creation of jobs.
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Through an investment in research, education, and leadership, the Chamber Foundation produces scholarly reports that illuminate regional issues such as infrastructure, veterans employment, and cross-border business.
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The PAC enables the Chamber and its members to be highly involved in electing pro-business candidates and supporting business-friendly initiatives at the city, county, and state level.
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The Chamber’s 2,500 member businesses – and their 300,000 employees – benefit from the Chamber’s extensive networking and savings opportunities, and having the region’s largest advocacy organization working on their behalf.
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Corporate Sponsors

The Chamber is grateful for the support of its Corporate Sponsors, who through participation in Chamber events, governance, and community initiatives, lead the business community in the creation of a vibrant, healthy, regional economy where businesses and residents thrive.